Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Still sitting with a cup of spicy tea in front of the window, spinning thoughts.
Starting to think that this month of everlasting snow will hold its spell, blurred, shaded and stained in subdued perception.

And its cold, very cold, a viscous icy breeze penetrates fuzzy feel and gently thought.
Manhattan slowly transforms in a hazy wonderland, soothing in layers upon layers of heavy wool, comfortable felts and soft hairy blankets, formations of fur, notes of scandal, bulky home spun knits made out of diffusing yarns, and more layers are protecting delicate skin against this thrilling cold.

On the street, rosy skin starts forming a lilac blush and normally ruby red lips slide into translucent tangerine sheer, eyes now carry glazy gleams.
Delicious crème's, corals and hints of tangerine fill dreamy imagery.

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